How can you restore your old Twitter account using simpler steps?

Twitter is such a great option of the social media network which is recognized as the top-notch social website used by trillions of people around the world. Most of them are using it for their personal things, career, business, and to have the various social activities. With the advent of the twitter app for the mobile devices, now days almost all the Apple iOS and Android smart phone and tablet users can download, install and use this application to access your twitter account.

Restoring old Twitter account

When you are using the social media accounts like twitter, your email address, password and phone number should be updated. Otherwise, you can’t access a particular account after a long time. If you have lost access to the specific email address which is linked to your twitter account, you should need to immediately contact the email service provider and try to regain the access to your twitter account.

There are almost all the email providers have been providing the contact links to regain the access to your email. By this way, you can request a new password for your twitter social media account and access it again. If you have added a mobile phone number to your account, you must need to enter your number on the given password reset page or you will also have another option of resetting your password through SMS.

Some other issues faced with Twitter account

  • If you don’t have access to the email id which you used on the twitter account or you were not verified the mobile number, it will be somewhat difficult to recover back your account.
  • In this situation, you can’t continue troubleshooting and you have to try some other steps.
  • When you lose access with the twitter account, it is essential to do the required verification requirements in order to make sure they won’t give out any user details to the wrong person.
  • Unless a particular twitter user has access to the email address or verified mobile number connected to the account, they will be unable to deactivate a specific account.
  • As per the twitter policy, the account will be removed from their system when it is inactive for the long time.

But you can easily complete the Twitter account recovery to get back your old twitter account using the above mentioned tips and advices given by the experts.

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