Pest Control Old School RuneScape

Pest control is a mini-game which is a communal members only combat based action.  Pest control Old School RuneScape, in short known as pest control osrs is a safe mini-game where players will have to defend NPC, commonly known as Void Knight from an severe attack of monsters and destroying the porches from which the monsters spawn. 

What is Pest Control Osrs

Players will have to be sensible and learn some tactics while playing pest control osrs. It is wise if some players stop at the Void Knight, and at each portal some players have to stay. Pest

control osrs is played in the name of Guthix, in order to keep the balance in the world, which might be disturbed by an invasion of monsters on the islands in the southern side of the world. This is run by an order of Guthix, known as Void Knights. This pest control osrs mini-game is categorized into three landers and the access to each lander is controlled by the combat level. All players have to board landers initially, which will transport players to islands that is under attack.